2013 Fight Night Video

2013 Fight Night Video

HD Video Action from Blue Light Fight Night Isle of Wight, 12th October 2013

Watch the 2013 Isle of Wight Blue Light Fight Night free online for the next 10 days then order your DVD or MP4 download to keep forever with all funds being added to the charity totals.

More details on how to buy DVD’s and MP4 coming soon….

*Top Tip: Switch your you tube player to 720HD for best quality

Blue Light Fight Night Video Part 1

Hingert v Ross, Hunt v Young, Hall v Lane, Hayes v Egerton and Holbrook v Wood

Blue Light Fight Night Video Part 2

Morris v Downing, Scrimshaw v Neill, Addison v Clayton, Hunter v Dupey, White v Thon and Butchers v Burfitt


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